Yoni/Phallus Steam Fumigation Gynecological Reproductive Wellness Steam Seat



  • Function: The fumigation seat uses atomized steam directly to fumigate the Yoni, Womb, Phallus & Buttocks, nanoscale water vapor reaches the area directly, and the warmth of  palate dissipates from the cold. It combines multiple methods of thermal fumigation and atomized ion penetration, and the internal health of the source is regulated.
  • Stable design: It conforms to the human body structure design, with a load-bearing capacity of up to 150KG, comfortable and convenient, and stable in load-bearing, without worrying about turning around and falling.
  •  Various fumigation combinations can increase the temperature of the deep subcutaneous layer, heat the lower abdomen and activate younger vitality.
  • Warms the uterus to help support healthy functioning of the reproductive system in both men and women. The heat will stop after 35 minutes. You can then add more water and restart to use again.
  • Security: built-in overcurrent protection device, automatic dry water shutdown, fully keeps your safety. Built-in fuse, the circuit is automatically switched off abnormally, fully keeping your safety.




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Dimensions 11.8 x 13.78 cm


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