Yoni Irrigation Syringe


Used to cleanse the vaginal canal using pure water or using herbal water that is a by product of Yoni Steams. If you have ever felt it feels wasteful to throw away all that good herbal medicinal water left over from Yoni Steaming then this will be the perfect solution to repurposing all that Yoni medicine. Simply strain the herbs from the water once it has cooled and store in a copper vessel as this will preserve the integrity of the water ( or add Himalayan Salt and a 2 drops of your favourite essential oil) ….

The copper is antibacterial and ultimately good for the Yoni, however it will oxidise but don’t worry it’s still good and will keep for months!

As and when, especially after a Moon Cycle and in between Steams or if you have heavy discharge or before/after sex, simply grab your irrigator squeeze in the water and insert into your Yoni and Flush the water through. Also if your wanting to feel fresh it’s a great way to cleanse your Yoni with some medicine.

Always remember to store upside-down to ensure water runs out after use.




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Weight 89 g


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