Womb Smoke Moxibustion Cushioned Seat


Moxibustion, or Moxa for short, is an ancient heat therapy used by the Chinese to warm acupuncture points and other areas of the body. Moxa is a dried or charcoal form of the herb mugwart that is rolled into cigar shaped sticks. The research shows that the heat from the moxa penetrates deeper and last longer in the treated area than other more conventional types of heating methods, such as wheat packs. Hence, moxa is very effective at stimulating the functions of acupuncture points. Research also suggests that moxa can increase the production of red blood cells and haemoglobin, making it a perfect therapy when treating issues with reproduction as blood is the essence of life.
When moxa is used to improve fertility, acupuncture points over the ovaries and uterus are warmed to increase blood circulation to improve the availability of nutrients to growing follicles, assist with the removal of the body’s cellular byproducts and inflammation, and improve the quality of the endometrial lining. Acupuncture points on the legs are also warmed to assist with nourishing the body as a whole and improving overall fertility health.

Moxibustion can also be used as a dry heat womb treatment to support overall womb health not just for fertility. It’s a form of womb Smudging….


  • This moxibustion therapy cushion no need hands holding, just sit,lie down,rely on,or step on.etc. use for many parts: abdomen,waist,back,neck,hip,hands,leg, knee,and feet. More relax and flexible to enjoy moxibustion.

SMOKELESS:moxa lid tiny hole design only produce less smoke, if you want smokeless, just put on the filter cover, then smoke hardly escape out. this moxa heat cushion pad more clean and comfortable for your house and life.(diameter 40cm,15.6inch. thickness 10cm,3.9inch)

  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL:this moxa heat pad stool for moxibustion,mild moxibustion,heating therapy to treat body pains or discomfort.or you can use with others in the same time, such as,meditation,yoga,etc. moxibustion bench to relax and health care.
  • PREMIUM:cover made of linen cloth, breathless and comfortable.moxa plate is honeycomb designed to burn more uniform and completely. Vent can 360°rotate to adjust temperature.thicken solid wood frame can load 100KG weight.this moxibustion heating pad durable,exquisite and elegant.
  • USAGE:①Insert moxa cone to the moxa plate and ignite it. ②Add ginger or garlic on the ginger plate. ③Close the moxa lid.④put on filter cover. (can use moxa cone, or cut off moxa stick, or put loose moxa on the plate .

The ingredient  used for moxibustion is mainly Chinese mugwort lead which is fragrant and
easy to be ignited.It is processed into mugwort wool for clinical use. Moxibustion with moxa cone.


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