Sarjo’s Wholistics Osun’s Dawta Offering: Osun Anointing Oil 10ml



An Ode to Goddess Osun. There are no directions for use as using your intuition & intentions are the most powerful directions you can follow. However here is some guidance:

Use to Anoint yourself and pulse points as a perfume

Use to anoint offering to Yeye Osun

( ie Jewellery, Fan, Mirror, Bell, Sekere ( Musical Calabash), Waistbeads and other Sacred items etc)

Use to anoint Candles as an offering to Osun

Keep your Oil in a sacred place such as an Altar or somewhere that your Beautifying rituals take place. 

Say a little prayer or words to honour the Osun in you, as you use your oil and as you adorn your pulse points with this sweet smelling oil…


N. B. Do not place in an oil burner or humidifier its not suitable. 


Ingredients: Cold Pressed Baobab  & Calendula Oil , Fractionated Coconut Oil, Sandalwood Perfume ( from Dubai), Sunflower & Rose Petals , Sandalwood Chips, Mica, Leaf Flakes, Honey,Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Powder Essential oils of  Lemon, Chamomile & Cinnamon, Gemstone Infuse of those that resonate with Osun. Love, Alchemy, & Magick

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