Sarjo’s Wholistics Good Juju Protection & Passion Potion 100ml


Here at Sarjo’s Wholistics we decided to create an aura/house protection modality in the form of a perfume that not only smells good, but that also has some amazing metaphysical properties. Infused with crystal magic, this uplifting perfume combines the magical hoodoo of Florida Water, Frankincense & a protection Elixir only found in Nigeria known as Sasarbia. This is called BlackGirl Magic and it helps to alter your auric field so that you are able to magnetise abundance & prosperity to yourself as you wear it.

Ingredients: Hand Crafted Florida Water, Essential oils, Sasarabia, Gemstone Elixir & Frankincense Resin.

No specific directions for use as your encouraged to use your intuition and intentions as your most power directive.

However as a guide:

Use to cleanse spiritual tools,  to cleanse your candles before use, cleanse your Altar,  to wash your floors,  to spray in the air at home, to spray on yourself & family members, to place in a cup of water and place under your bed or where you lay your head to sleep…

Let spirit guide you



Orris Root Powder

Palo Santo

Myrrh Resin

Dragon’s Blood Resin

Dragon’s Blood Oil

Sandalwood Oil

Sandalwood Chips

Magnet Oil

Bay leaf

Rue Herb

Conjured under a Full Moon & Charged with Ancestralite & my Maternal Grandma’s Energy of Abundance & Expansion


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