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What is Yoni Steaming?

Also known as vaginal steaming or v-steaming, Yoni Steaming is a holistic health practice in which a woman allows the warmth of herbal steam to gently permeate her vagina. Yoni steaming is a powerful ancient remedy that has been used for centuries by women worldwide. This gentle treatment provides effective support for the female reproductive system, and invites reconnection with the powerful, creative energy of a woman’s center.

For millennia, women have shared this knowledge among one another, inspiring each other to connect with, love and heal our bodies.

Improve Your Cycle

Cleanse and revitalize with herbal steam. With regular yoni steaming, you’ll support your natural feminine cycle to do its best. Many women experience reduced cramps, healthier flow, more regular menstruation and improved fertility.

Relax and Detoxify

Indulge in the blissful self-care that you deserve. You’ll enjoy the delightful sensation of the steam as it gently encourages you to release both physical and emotional toxins. Feel relaxed and refreshed any time you desire.

Heal Your Womb

Rejuvenate with deeply nourishing herbs. Yoni steaming is traditionally used to heal, tone and cleanse the uterus after birth, and is thought to reduce uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts and endometriosis. It can also help reduce symptoms of menopause.

So, who should steam?

All women from all ages once they have reached pubity! Steaming is a useful tool for helping women to resolve menstrual pain, irregular menstruation, fibroids, relieving menopausal symptoms, yeast infections, tears and episiotomy scars. There’s a more complete list below. But even once you have resolved whatever problem you are working on, vaginal steaming can help maintain health. Not necessarily every cycle, but a couple of times a year, in spring and autumn. It’s always good to include in our health routines for the changing of winter to spring, then summer to autumn. Yoni steaming is a great opportunity to reconnect with your body.

What is steaming good for?

Yoni steaming is an integral part of traditional women’s medicine from all around the world. Although the knowledge survives in pockets, as the western model of healthcare became more prevalent the practice was lost to many of us. Thankfully, it is now being rediscovered and women around the world are rediscovering the benefits.

  • Reduce menstrual pain
  • Reduce bloating and exhaustion around menses
  • Reduce dark blood at the start of end of menstruation
  • Regulate irregular menstrual cycles
  • Restart absent cycles
  • Increase fertility, especially when combined with Mizan Therapy
  • Speed healing and tone the reproductive system after birth
  • Treat fibroids, ovarian cysts, uterine weakness, uterine prolapse and endometriosis
  • Helps to repair perineal trauma after birth
  • Helps with the healing of haemorrhoids and anal fissures
  • Treat chronic vaginal/yeast infections
  • Relieve symptoms of menopause
  • Detoxify the womb and remove toxins from the body
  • Release stored emotions and tap into the energy that is our creative potential

Does steaming really make a difference?


Yoni steaming is great for helping uterine and vaginal health. But it does so much more. Steaming helps to bring a connection to your body and to your womb. It’s an opportunity to celebrate and cherish your body, learn to enjoy your womb, be in awe of your menstrual cycle. Your womb is your engine house, seat of your creative, driving force. The more you tap into that power the stronger you will be, the more balanced your life. You will be able to re-connect with your sacred centre, listen to your intuition, learn to trust yourself.

How does steaming work?

A vaginal steam is done much like a facial steam, except you allows the steam from a pot with boiled water and herbs to reach the vagina. The tissues of the vagina are exceptionally porous and absorbent, and the warmth of the steam works to soften and open them.

When herbs are placed in hot water, their medicinal properties, including volatile oils, are released and carried to the surface of your skin, and to the inside of the vagina, where they are absorbed into the bloodstream and into to the uterus. The herbal steam increases circulation, thins mucus, and cleanses the entire reproductive system, allowing it to shed unnecessary membranes and build-up. The results are varied, and amazing.

When should I steam?

Steaming is most effective done 3 days immediately before your cycle is due or 3 days after. If your bleed starts unexpectedly, you can still steam as soon as you have stopped bleeding. If you experience cycles that start with spotting, then a good steam will often get things going.

If you haven’t had a bleed, your cycles are irregular, of you feel that your bleed is there but not coming, then again, a steam may just start things off. You may need to steam on three alternate nights ( see prescription blends for tailor made herbs for your specific ailment.

As part of an overall self-care regime, we recommend that women steam two to three times per month, always during weeks in which you are not menstruating. Women who suffer from pain, bloating or exhaustion during menstruation should steam two to three times within the week before menstruation.

Women who are experiencing fertility challenges should steam once per week, and maybe twice during pre-ovulation, to make sure that the tissue is moist and that the cervical fluids are clear and copious. They should expect to steam for three months before seeing results.

There are only a few rules:

  • NEVER steam if you are pregnant
  • If you are working on fertility, do not steam post-ovulation if you think there is any chance of pregnancy (i.e. you have had intercourse without contraception). In this case, wait until you are certain that your bleed is coming before doing a steam.
  • Never steam if you have a IUD present
  • Never Steam with a Yoni Egg inside your Yoni as it obstructs the purpose of allowing the medicinal herbs to penetrate the womb.
  • Never Steam whilst your cycle is on.
  • Burning/ Itching

What will I need to Steam?

• Yoni Steam herbs

• Yoni Steam Gown

• Yoni Steam Throne


Note: If Steaming the traditional way you will need a stainless steel pot to heat your herbs over a stove.

• Filtered water ( Alkaline Water not tap water as your aim should be to reduce the toxins absorbed into the body).

• Quiet area to preform steam ( preferably with dimmed soft lighting, soft meditative music ( affirmative music or podcasts are also recommended during this time), candles,  humidifier or incence.

• Journal to jot down what may come up for you during this time.

• Socks & Blanket to keep you warm as you will be sat for between 20-30 mins.

•Smudging Tools ( Sage, Palo Santo or Frankinsense are great) to clear and release any stagnant energy in the space you chose to preform your Steam.

Remember this is a Self Care ritual so take time to cleanse your space carefully and lovingly. 

Positive Effects of Steaming:

Most of the side-effects reported while steaming are positive. Users have reported steaming may aid:

  • Better sleep and lucid dreams
  • Relaxation
  • Decreased swelling in legs and feet
  • Decreased abdominal bloating
  • Slimmer waistline
  • Increased libido and sexual sensation
  • Increased vaginal nectar and fertility
  • Decrease in breast soreness
  • Fewer headaches
  • Fewer PMS symptoms and improved emotional balance
  • Increased circulation and energy
  • Tingling feet
  • Glowing skin
  • Reduction in incidence of hormonal acne
  • Increased lubrication and vaginal nectar
  • Scar softening
  • Tighter vaginal canal
  • Harmonisation with the moon cycle

Apart from Womb Wellness or Womb related Ailments, what are some of the common kinds of Womb related conditions do women Yoni Steam for?

•For a pleasurable moon cycle and easing menstrual pain, imbalances and blood clots: The warming steam aids in cleansing and nourishing the uterine membrane. It’s important to know that healthy menstrual blood flows easily, in a bright red color with no clots.

•For fertility: It helps to create uterine membranes that are moist and receptive for conception to happen

•After miscarriage: During the vulnerable time following a miscarriage, a Yoni Steam Ritual may support your body in cleansing and can also be a wonderful tool for connecting with your feminine center and Inner Woman to avoid stagnant emotions taking root in your body. You can begin to Yoni Steam once your bleeding has ceased.

•Postpartum: Keeping women warm is at the heart of many women’s wisdom practices across the world, including traditional postpartum practices. Using Yoni Steams after birth brings nourishing heat, supports the body to release fluids, and aids the womb in shrinking back to pre-pregnancy size. Vaginal Steaming is such a star in the first forty days and after having a baby; the fourth trimester . Steaming, cleanses a woman’s womb and uterus and so much more. Yoni Steaming is a good companion postpartum to get the body back to balance using specific herbs and steam plan.

Here are the ways which yoni steaming is such a star for postpartum!

  • clears out lochia faster

  • reduces chances of infection\reduces postpartum contractions

  • helps the uterus get back to original size and place

  • helps for a healthier period to come back when it is time

  • closes the vaginal canal and vaginal opening so that the uterus does not protrude out

  • helps address prolapse

  • helps with bladder incontinence

  • reduces skin swelling

  • helps with haemorrhoids and difficulty going to the toilet

  • disperses water dampness and retention (if release before a certain time it will not turn into fat which is harder to shift)

  • helps address past problems like fibroids, cysts

  • releases oxytocin which helps with bonding, milk production and prevent mood disorders

  • and promotes a general feeling of love after steaming!

A little background history. Back in the day, anthropologists observed women bleeding and they labeled it ‘periodic illness’. That is where the word period comes from. A period is a time of cleansing the womb and uterus; blood is released along with an unfertilised egg. This is a cleanse women are designed to go through every month. There are of course variations but a healthy period is four days long with bright red blood. In that four day period it is ideal to rest, rejuvenate, do minimal things around the house and minimum physical activity.

This is a reflection of the greater cleanse that happens in the first forty days postpartum but the bleeding can last 30-40 days and it is not a period but called lochia. Lochia is a woman’s body releasing all birth and pregnancy matter, white blood cells and mucous. Steaming supports this cleanse considerably. Often our periods may start and end with brown blood and this is because there is old matter clogging the woman’s uterus. Steaming helps to decongest and eventually after steaming regularly that picture perfect bright red blood period will come.

We need to keep shifting the paradigm of postpartum care. The first forty days or the fourth trimester a woman is releasing so much birth and pregnancy matter, cleansing and all her organs are shifting back into place after carrying her child. This takes so much energy and add a non sleeping baby to the mix and this time can easily become stressful. When the mother is happy, everyone is happy. Make sure the mother has all her foundational needs of rest, nourishment from food and connection and touch covered. If she feels cared for and rested, it will reflect how she is as a partner and a mother.

Ideally a woman postpartum would steam as soon as on day 2 after giving birth and steam daily for 30 days and then go on a maintenance plan for 11 months. This will ensure her period does not return early (before 9 months suggest there is uterine fatigue) Herb selection is best done with a practitioner who can personalise for you and having a consultation before you give birth is advised to get a clear plan for the best results

•Peri-menopause and menopause: When your cycles are slowing down or changing, the Yoni Steam can stimulate circulation and support your womb to continue to release fully. On the other side of menopause, the warming steam can be revitalizing for vaginal dryness while nourishing a deep connection to your feminine center and Inner Woman in a time of initiation and transformation.
Pelvic pain, tightness or pain during intercourse: For women experiencing pelvic pain, chronic holding, or tightness the Yoni Steam helps to soothe and relax the pelvic muscles. Combine the steam with breath awareness and full diaphragmatic breathing to relax your pelvic muscles and create a loving connection with your feminine center.

•After Hysterectomy or other pelvic surgeries: The heat and warmth can be a soothing therapy for scar tissue. When combined with castor oil packs and massage it helps to increase vitality after surgery. Doing a Yoni Steam may also be helpful in emotionally and energetically reconnecting with your feminine center after an invasive procedure and experience. Your feminine center always remains even if you no longer have your physical womb or ovaries.



Energised with Rose Quartz, this specific combination of
healing herbs have been specially blended for the general healing and health of Yoni/Womb.

Herbs include Motherwort, Crampbark, Camptotheca, Mugwort, Lavender, Agnus Castus, Burdock Root, Calendula, Marigold, Blue Mallow, Basil, Rose Petals, Yarrow, Red Clover, Himalayan Salt, Dandelion,Wormwood, Blue Lotus Flowers, Ginger, Shepherd’s Purse, Rose Hip Powder,Chickweed, Ladies Mantle.Can also be brewed into tea that can be consumed a daily.

Note: If you have specific Womb related ailments please visit our ‘prescription custom blend ‘option. 


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