Osun’s & Shango’s Dawta Yoni/pHallus & Skin Blemish Balm 120ml


Osun’s & Shango’s Dawta Yoni/pHallus & Skin Blemish Balm

For those concerned with hyperpigmentation around the thighs, surrounding genitalia area ( the skin under your pubic hair) & inner  thighs due to chaffing, shaving, waxing, lasering, ingrown hairs and of plucking or picking ingrown hairs, this Balm serves as a brightening, healing Butter to rejuvenate the  skin. Can be used on other blemished/irritated areas of the body including the face, men’s shaving facial area & underarms.The combination of Essential Oils, Oils and Butters will have you smelling like chocolate orange and possibly tasting slightly sweet .

Directions for use:

Use reusable spatula to scrape a pea sized  amount and remove onto your finger tips then apply directly to genitalia area including the genitalia and massage in, then out to the thighs and inner thighs . If for other areas of the body apply the same steps using larger or smaller amounts due to affected area and applying to area. Wash your hands & your spatula.

Ingredients: Cocoa Butter, Palm Kernel Oil, Oxgenated Olive Oil, Dragon’s Blood, Rose Petal Powder, Hyaluronic Acid, Essential Oils of Rose, Dragon’s Blood, Rosewood, Jasmine,  Lavender & Tagetes ( aka Marigolds), Oils of Calendula, Rosehip Seed, Hemp & Raw Acacia Honey, Pomegranate Seed Oil, Raspberry Seed Oil, Love, Alchemy and Magick.

Everyday use and after Yoni steaming, Self-care rituals, Intimate massage with self & partner, Breast Massage,Post Massage, Oral Sex , Lubricant for love making, Waxing & Shaving or general Hair Removal after care for women, Shaving balm, Pre Shaving Balm
( barrier balm) & Shaving after care, to protect the skin from the blade, razor or electric shaver. Menopause related dryness & Lubrication, Nipple Chaffing Balm, attacking Cancerous Cells inside Yoni Cavity & on the pHallus & Testicular area ( Testicular Cancer).Use on pHallus to heal especially if there is dry skin, to ease back Foreskin ( if uncircumcised), nourish the head/tip of pHallus , Massage the Testicular area and as a Lube.  Use your imagination…


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