Osun’s Dawta Salt Scrub







An Ode to Goddess Osun…

Carefully selected ingredients that are associated with Osun, the Goddess of the Sweet Fertile Waters, the Goddess of Children, the Goddess of Fertility, the Goddess of Pregnancy, the Goddess of the Womb, the Goddess of the Vagina, the Goddess of Love, the Goddess of Marriage, the Goddess of Beauty,  the Goddess of Creativity,  the Goddess of Abundance,  the Goddess of Sweetness, the Goddess of Sensuality, the Goddess of Self Care….

Asé 🌻

Incorporating the purest ingredients that nature has to offer, carefully selected to brighten, refine, hydrate, heal and rejuvenate the skin. Infused with the vibrations of Gemstone/Crystal Therapy. Ingredients: Himalayan salt, dead sea salt, coconut sugar, calendula oil, apricot kernel oil, rosehip seed oil, essential oils of rose, sandalwood, vanila, blue lotus, tumeric, tagetes, lemon,  cinnamon, and ginger, rose petals, marigolds, ceylon cinnamon, dandelion leaf. 300g


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