Sarjo’s Wholistics Jupiter 888 EXPANSION Energy Oil (Expansion, Abundance, Success, Financial Stability & Going for your Dreams Oil)


Jupiter 888 EXPANSION Energy Oil 

An Ode to Planet Jupiter which governs Thursdays.

Thursday is ruled by Jupiter — planet of abundance and expansion — which makes it the perfect day to learn something new, or set some intentions. It’s also the day before Friday, so it usually feels a bit optimistic. There’s something really positive and hopeful about Thursday, the possibilities of how the rest of the week will go are endless, and you’re likely eagerly awaiting your weekend activities. This is a wonderful day to reflect on all that you’ve accomplished, and to showcase your gratitude in general.


The energy of this day is overflowing with abundance and opportunity, which is why it wouldn’t hurt to write out your goals and ambitions and meditate on them. Here’s how to make the most of the energy:

Shift your perspective. There’s an endless amount of opportunity in this world, you simply have to adjust your mindset and it can be yours. Think expensively, think BIG

 This oil conjured on Thursday & is the best day to use it, however not the only day.


There are no directions for use as using your intuition & intentions are the most powerful directions you can follow. However here is some guidance:

Use to Anoint yourself and pulse points as a perfume

Use to anoint offerings ( Money, Cheques,Credit & Debit Cards, Gemstones, your Wallet, where you keep your money, Bank statements, your place of Business, where you create things that bring in money etc) . Use your imagination always…

Use to anoint Candles 

Keep your Oil in a sacred place such as an Altar or somewhere that your Money rituals take place.

Do Feng Shui or a Compass ( you can use other modalities to locate the Money spot in your home, rooms etc) 

Say a little prayer or words to honour and give positive reinforcement as you use your oil and as you adorn your pulse points with this alluring  smelling oil…

You want your money to come from a good place and not ill repute! So when calling on your Ancestors & the Energy of Jupiter whilst working with Jupiter 888 EXPANSION Energy Oil call on the righteous ones, not the ones who had scandal and bad mind attached to them!

For example….

‘ My Righteous Spiritual Ancestors near and far, known and unknown I call on the expansive energy of Jupiter on this Thursday’… something along those lines….

Is a good foundation of incantation and intention! BE FULLY PRESENT & INTENTIONAL!



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