Sarjo’s Wholistics Osun’s Dawta Precious Metal ‘Skin Sand’ Exfoliating Mask


Osun’s Dawta Precious Metal ‘Skin Sand’ Exfoliating Mask…


An Ode to Goddess Osun…

Carefully selected ingredients that are associated with Osun, the Goddess of the Sweet Fertile Waters, the Goddess of Children, the Goddess of Fertility, the Goddess of Pregnancy, the Goddess of the Womb, the Goddess of the Vagina, the Goddess of Love, the Goddess of Marriage, the Goddess of Beauty,  the Goddess of Creativity,  the Goddess of Abundance,  the Goddess of Sweetness, the Goddess of Sensuality, the Goddess of Self Care….

Asé 🌻



Using the finest ingredients nature has to offer, this double duty product is a single step solution to an exfoliant mask in one. The ingredients have been carefully selected to help nourish, detox, sooth, heal and brighten the skin.


Ingredients (Oils,Powders,Essential Oils) Himalayan Salt, Baobab Oil, Calendula Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil , Rosehip Seed Oil,Chamomile Flowers Powder, Msm, Red Clay, Rose Petal Powder, Sandalwood Powder , Essential Oils of Rose, Rosewood , Sandalwood, Tumeric, Vanilla,
Precious Metal Copper, Gold and Silver. Love, Alchemy & Magick.

Directions for use:
Once you have cleansed your face with Oxgenated Sandalwood & Rosewood Face and Body Wash, To activate Osun’s Dawta Precious Metal Skin Sand, decant some in a little glass bowl or hand, then just add your favourite skin oil
& toner from Sarjo’s Wholistics Skin Care Range or just water until it turns to a smearable paste. Use once or twice weekly after cleansing the face and apply to skin, let set for 5 to 10 minutes, apply a little water to the finger tips, and move in circular motions over the entire face , avoiding lips and eye area. Rinse with water, pat dry, apply Sarjo’s Wholistics Seamoss & Witchhazel Aromatic Skin, Hair & Scalp Mist, Rejuvenating Serum, Rejuvenating Skin Oil, use 3 in 1 Rose Quartz Facial Roller for 5 mins ( use button attachment around eyes) .

If you use Sunscreen then now would be the time to apply it.



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