Gua Sha Lymphatic Drainage Facial Tool


Gua Sha is an age old bodywork technique that can be used for pretty much anything from improving immunity to managing your daily aches and pains, including issues ranging from headaches to chronic severe ailments. It is used to intentionally lightly bruise the skin by using a scraping technique in order to help detoxify the body and relieve pain. It releases built up waste and stimulates blood flow and healing.

The word “Gua” means to scrape, and “Sha” refers to stagnant blood and qi that is inhibiting proper flow of energy and blood or, in other words, the fluids that contain metabolic waste that are congested in the tissues and muscles. “Sha” also refers to the petechia (reddish, minute hemorrhages that look like a red-colored, speckled rash) that can surface to the skin after the Gua Sha treatment.

Treatment with Sarjo’s Wholistics Gua Sha Lymphatic Drainage Facial Tool will move the lymph, release lactic acid from the muscles, break up scar tissue, and help to release congestion and stagnation along the energy lines of the body. The edge of this Gua Sha tool is rubbed along the skin, from feet to heart and hands to heart. It can cause bruising from the release of toxins from the skin, but it is likely that as your tissues get stronger, the bruising will diminish and subside.

Available in Rose Quartz and Jade.

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