Sarjo’s Wholistics Good Juju Protection Spray

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Here at Sarjo’s Wholistics we decided to create an aura/house protection modality in the form of a perfume that not only smells good, but that also has some amazing metaphysical properties.
Infused with crystal magic, this uplifting perfume combines the magical hoodoo of Florida Water, Frankincense & a protection Elixir only found in Nigeria known as Sasarbia. This is called BlackGirl Magic and it helps to alter your auric field so that you are able to magnetise abundance & prosperity to yourself as you wear it.
Florida Water, Sasarbia, & Frankincense.


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2 reviews for Sarjo’s Wholistics Good Juju Protection Spray

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    To top off any great self-care ritual, you want to make sure that that that special Juju you just cultivated follows you wherever you go. My international sister-friend Mami of Sarjo’s Wholistics , has created this very unique and one of a kind spin on Florida Water that she calls La Femme Noire De La Magique/Good Juju Protection Spray. And it is so much more than that.I was SO excited to get this in the mail that I anointed myself with it as soon as I got it! This spray is a botantical blend that can be used to attract prosperity and good luck, good lovin’, clearing negative energy, emotions and blockages, protection and using for spells. I can attest for every single use and then some! I immediately magnetized more prosperity my way after dabbing a little on before going on an afternoon walk, I use it for my money rituals and to also anoint my dollars and coins and even experienced it clearing sinus pressure in my face one night when I was clearing a head cold. I anoint myself with it everyday and always feel like new money! I highly recommend this spray. I know I will be buying another bottle just so I never EVA run out!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Omg sis, that good juju is amazing! I love it 🙌 its almost finished so ill b purshasing more very soon. I forgot to tell u a story. I went to visit my uncle who was in hospital. My mum and brother went ahead of me and when i arrived and saw the curtains drawn around his bed and they were standing outside, so i asked what had happened. They said he had seizure and are working on him. I tear up jus typing this now cos i remember at the time i caught a glimpse of him in the midst of having the seizure and i immediately got emotional. Give thanx to the doctors, with their hard work and resilience he finally came round. They opened the curtain and he was laying there head down, visibly tired from the ordeal. I wanted to leave him to rest but my mum said no go on let him kno u r here. I walked up to him and touched his arm and he looked up with a big smile on his face and said steeeeph ☺ i said hi uncle and gave him a big hug. Then he said in his grenadian accent ‘wooooiii u smell sweet yes’ 😂😂😂 i was wearing Good Juju that day. We all started laughing and he jus proceeded to talk how we all know and love him for, as if nothing had just happened… ☺❤”

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