Sarjo’s Wholistics Goddess Fresh Feminine Wash

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In an ideal world we would not need to use anything on our delicate Yonis, as it is self cleansing. However, unless you have the perfect life style where you don’t consume sugary foods, are 100% chemical free, and eat a completely holistic diet, it is quite common to experience pH imbalances, irritations, and malodour etc, caused by unbalanced life style habits. So, here at Sarjo’s Wholistics we have created a wash that is gentle enough to deal with such maladies, yet powerful enough to balance the pH of your Yoni and keep you feeling and smelling fresh for hours.

The sensitive formulation is even gentle enough to be used by girls from the age of 11 or once they reach puberty.

All of the ingredients have been specifically blended with the wellness of your Yoni in mind. The ingredients include Shatavari Root, which is known in Ayurveda as ‘The woman who possesses a 100 husbands’. Sarjo’s Wholistics Goddess Fresh Feminine Wash is also the perfect accompaniment to cleanse your Yoni Eggs.

Now with added Nano Colloidal Silver, Meadowsweet, Calendula Oil, Myrrh & Thyme Essential Oils.

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